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TO ALL FELLOW SDC MEMBERS! I've just found something in my room. I've been setting up cables from within my ship to my room in the SDC as some of you may have noticed from all the noise going on in there. I do apologise, but my work has been of the utmost importance. Every couple of millennia or so I need to take a quick visit to the bathroom, and my current one is... Well, it's not particularly luxurious. I would use the one inside my ship, but honestly it feels far too close to being watched for comfort. What with the TARDIS being fairly sentient.

Anyway, I was moving stuff from within the TARDIS to my room to spice it up and I got a bit carried away. I was just setting up my karaoke machine and pool table, and thinking of using some excess power from my ship to make the room bigger on the inside then the out when I noticed a little stowaway in my sink. It must have snuck out of my ship, I presume that it's previous owner picked it up unknowingly.

Cut by request. Harold Saxon is always willing to aid those less fortunate then himselfCollapse )

OOC LOG: All work and no play...
Who: The Master and his (nameless) victim.
What: The Master's evil schemes partially revealed, with added dancing and music.
When: September 6th
Where: Within the TARDIS within the SDC sub.
Warning: No swearing, but there is an element of torture and one possibly shocking mental image if you're squeamish.

OOC: For your own reference, in my head the first song played is Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

and the second was The Servant - Orchestra


You know what's really evil? A staple gun. Think about it.Collapse )

She canna take any more, captain!
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O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!

... You can tell I've been wandering through the old girl now that she's opened up a bit more. She really does have a ridiculously well stocked visual/audio library. Which brings me to my point, captain. My ship, my TARDIS. I've finished as much of the preparation and reparations that I can with my current resources. If I'm to continue with the research that I discussed with you earlier before boarding your sub, I'm going to need to request that when we next stop off at a populated island, I stay there for a little while. If you're not willing to wait for me, I request that you be ready to 'pick me up' again in about 2 weeks time. It may take less time then that to gather the resources I need. But I can't be certain, and 2 weeks should be ample time. I hope this little request is satisfactory with any other plans you might have had. Do let me know otherwise, I wouldn't want to offend or inconvenience you or the rest of the crew.

Oh, one other thing Fujiko, which is rather more trivial, but in my opinion extremely important. The SDC submarine... I have no idea what sdc stands for. Whatsoever. And it only really just struck me that I could be travelling the seas on the Superlative Defective Carp for all I know. If anyone wants to clue me in, I'd be more then grateful.

A selection of music
Partly to pass the time, partly in response to comments on somebody else's 'discovery' of music, I thought I'd just shove a short selection of songs here that I'm currently listening to. If anyone feels like it, do comment... I have to admit, I've based a lot of it on a sense of 'fun' rather then purely on musical merit and skill involved.

ah, though this last one... Well, this still does something for me. Much more on a level of 'sophistication' that I used to admire so much. Still, times change. Still some of that in me of course. Although perhaps it's just the players beard that sways me.


4th wall
Willing to kill

Just a little warning for our friends the 'muns'. Stay away from me, stay away from my allies and everyone else here. I've been around long enough to know a cosmic gag-reel when I see one. And I won't be made into one. It got me to thinking though... denying your existence isn't going to get me anywhere, you've managed to convince me that you have some form of connection to me. Each of you to one of us. You think you can pilfer our memories and attempt to control us? Well it's not going to work. And I want you to just quietly sit and listen while I explain to you, stunted little apes. What happens if the puppet starts to move the strings? It's not impossible. I found that out quite recently, thanks to some conversations with my 'mun'. You've left yourselves wide open, and if I can do this to mine, we can all do this. Every. Single. One of us. While this '4th wall' of yours is broken down (Which I presume to be some form of dimensional barrier) you're just as susceptible to control as the rest of us while you're sat at your computer. In fact, even as you're reading and typing this little message Oscar, you're probably wandering where this is coming from. Does it feel helpless? To know that I'm controlling your every move, every keystroke. But I think a little more proof will be necessary. Can you hear them? Inside my head. Inside your head. Here come the drums, Oscar Allen. Here come the drums.

A humble request...
My book

This is the part where I'd normally ask you to read my book... If I had a copy! Oh, how sad now to look at my little bio on this... You know I'd been quite willing to follow that through, my little political agenda. I'd even written the books out in my head, everything was in place.... Oh, I was going to do so much. But I was so scared. So I ran. Not that it makes much difference. Now that I'm here. Wherever that is. Well, wherever I am... It's far away. And that's what I wanted to do afterall, get away from it all. Or at least away from them.

But enough of being cryptic, I might as well get on with what I'm here for! No time like the present after all. Except for the past. And the future. Getting right down to business, I need you. Every single one of you out there who might just happen to know where I am! I was lucky enough to salvage this from my TARDIS at least. That's my ship by the way, in case any of you out there are wandering. So here I am, talking to you through a primitive device connected to... whatever system it is you use here for wireless communication. And I'm asking help from you. Because you see, if there's one thing I am it's well traveled. And despite my frankly incomparable knowledge of, well... everything. I have no idea where I am. My ship has simply DIED and I'm beginning to have suspicions as to why, but I'd like to test them out. So my little question to everyone out there is this, where am I? How do I get back to civilization (I mean, this island is lovely and all. The sand is, really rather good, but I do so THRIVE amongst people) and finally, any information you could give me... well, that would be lovely. Perhaps someone is in a similar situation to me? I very much doubt I'm the only one if my theories are correct. I know it's hard, but try to treat me like I'm stupid, go through everything. I'd love to hear what you have to say. In fact, if possible, I'd love to meet some of you face to face... if we can work out where I am.


Take your time, after all. I have all the time in the world.




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